Fat Lizard Helsinki City

In addition to good food, the restaurant Fat Lizard is known for its drinks. Many come to “one” after the relaxed atmosphere.  

In our Helsinki City restaurant, you can find an excellent selection of different microbrewery beers, from our own brewery and from other small breweries. We have also a nice selection of wines and non-alcoholic drinks. And we serve very nice cocktails, of course.

Feel free to ask the waiter of restaurant Fat Lizard for drink recommendations, he will be happy to help you choose a suitable drink.

Beers & ciders

Wines & Cocktails

Mon–Tue 11–22 (21)
Wed–Thu 11–22 (22)
Fri 11–24 (23)
Sat 13–24 (23)
(Kitchen closes)
Sun Closed

Mon–Tue 11–22 (21)
Wed–Thu 11–23 (22)
Fri 11-24 (23)
Sat 13–24 (23)
Sun 10.30–22 (21)
(Kitchen closes)

Mon–Tue 11–15
Wed–Thu 11–22 (21)
Fri 11–24 (22)
Sat 13–24 (22)
Sun 11-15
(Kitchen closes)

Street Bar is open on Fri - Sat until 01.