No bullshit.

Rough and lush food from quality ingredients, without frill or tricks. On top of that, a good buzz and a drink. We don’t bow to pictures or seek out a group of stars, we do our own thing.

We believe in spectacular, handmade and plentiful food. We grill, smoke, bake and otherwise cook something new in our minds all the time. When the fire is blazing, we bake the best pizzas in the city and always have the best selection of Fat Lizard and other microbreweries’ beers on our tap.

Equally sexy. Choose your location.

Fat Lizard Brewing co.

The story of Fat Lizard brewery began in 2013, when Hessu Ylinen and Topo Koskipää converted their garage into an experimental brewery. Before long, the boilers used for brewing grew to 300 liters and the production of IPA was moved to a hall in Espoo, from where the first batches of beer were sold to restaurants in February 2015.

Craft beer from Espoo received an excellent reception from the people, and Fat Lizard gained a reliable reputation among the growing circle of beer enthusiasts in the Helsinki metropolitan area. As demand continues to grow, brewery operations were moved to Otaniemi in 2017, where lack of space no longer limited operations. In 2018, the first Restaurant Fat Lizard was opened in Otaniemi, a stone’s throw from the brewery.

The partnership between the restaurant and the brewery was natural. Similar values were shared with the future neighbors, such as uncompromising quality, appreciation of craftsmanship and a relaxed attitude to life (seriously, but not to seriously). The restaurant would offer the brewery front row seats behind the brass counter: there would always be the most comprehensive selection of the brewery’s beers. The restaurant also serves as an excellent test laboratory for microbrewery novelties.

Fat Lizard Brewery is located a good stone’s throw away from the restaurant at Lämpömiehenkuja 3.

In the brewery’s beer shop, you can get both market-strength beers always fresh and cold. In the best-case scenario, the beer is slammed onto the shelf on the same day directly from the canning line. There are also some cool swag on sale, such as Fat Lizard caps, shirts, hoodies, glasses, koozie, Samu Foods cricket nuts and more! You can also find a selection of current beers on Fat Lizard’s Facebook page.

July Closed

Thu 1.8 15 - 23 (22)
Fri 2.8 15 - 24 (23)
Sat 3.8 13 - 24 (23)
Sun 4.8 Closed
(Kitchen closes)

Mon 11-22 (21)
Tue -Thu 11-23 (22)
Fri 11-24 (23)
Sat 13-24 (23)
Sun 13-22 (21)
(Kitchen closes)

Mon-Thu 15-23 (22)
Fri 14-24 (23)
Sat 12-24 (23)
Sun 12-22 (21)
(Kitchen closes)