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Fat Lizard Herttoniemi

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Penthouse SAUNA

Floor after floor. For those who climb higher, there is the Fat Lizard Penthouse.

Penthouse Sauna offers more than sweatdrops and bench pictures on the backside, namely, opportunities for honest interactions and clousings. Sauna, bright lounge and terrace draw at least 30 people.

After the crisp steam of Harvia and a couple of sauna stories, it’s nice to walk in the fresh microclimate of Herttoniemi, i.e. Eastern Helsinki. Of course, you won’t find an infinity pool on the terrace, as you can lounge in a real jacuzzi at Penthouse Club.

Penthouse SAUNA 500 € (incl. VAT)

The price includes the space, steam and the use of jacuzzi for four hours, as well as soft towels, good detergents (Dermosil shower soap, shampoo and conditioner), mineral waters (1 per person) and peflets.

In addition to the rent of the premises, there is a sales guarantee tied to the number of people, which can be used for food and beverage products. Sales guarantee from 300€ (less than 10 persons on weekday evenings).

The facility is licensed to serve alcohol, so it is forbidden to bring your own food and beverages into the space.

Penthouse SAUNA enquiries and reservations via the form below or by e-mail

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Mon-Thu 11-22 (21)
Fri 11–23 (22)
Sat 13-23 (22)
Sun Closed
(Kitchen closes)

Mon 11-22 (21)
Tue -Thu 11-23 (22)
Fri 11-24 (23)
Sat 13-24 (23)
Sun 10:30-22 (21)
(Kitchen closes)

Mon–Tue 11-15
Wed–Thu 11-21 (20)
Fri 11-23 (22)
Sat 13–23 (22)
(kitchen closes)

Sun Closed

Mon-Tue Closed
Wed-Thu 16-22 (21)
Fri 16-23 (22)
Sat 13-23 (22)
Sun 10:30-21 (20)
(Kitchen closes)