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That’s one FAT Sunday Brunch

Fat Lizard’s Sunday Brunch – so much more. Of course, the buffet includes croissants, bacon and scrambled eggs, and in addition to these traditional delicacies, there is so much more to eat. How about salmon pastrami, Västerbotten cheese pie or Korean BBQ Ribs?

Magician Sami entertains the little ones in the family during the first seating, at 11:30-12.

That’s one
FAT Sunday Brunch

1.1. – 2.4.2023

Seatings 11-12:30 & 13-15


Let’s start with breakfast

Fresh apple juice & peach ice tea (VE,GF)

Organic yoghurt, honey, berries & granola (LF)

Fruits (VE,GF)

Selection of cold cuts (MF,GF) & cheeses (GF)

Cucumber & pickles (VE,GF)

Green salad & lemon vinaigrette (VE,GF)

Levain bread& foamed butter (LF)

Small Karelian pastries & egg butter (LF)

Croissants & fresh cheese (LF)

Scrambled eggs & crispy bacon (LF,GF)

Meatballs & sausages (MF,GF)

Fish, seafood & salads

Atlantic shrimps ‘skagen’ & horse radish (LF,GF)

Three peppers salmon pastrami (MF,GF)

Caesar salad, croutons & parmesan (incl. fish) (LF) 

Red cabbage ‘slaw’ flavored with lime and ginger (VE,GF)

Halloumi-blood grapefruit salad (LF,GF)

Roasted potato salad ’BLT’ (LF,GF)

Västerbotten cheese & spinach pie (LF)

Warm dishes

Korean BBQ Ribs (LF,GF)

Roasted Atlantic salmon & white wine sauce (LF,GF)

Creamy Gruyère potatoes (GF) 

French fries & Ranch sauce (LF,GF)

Pizza al Metro Pepperoni; Spicy pepperoni sausage, San Marzano tomato, Fior di latte mozzarella & oregano

Pizza al Metro Margherita; San Marzano tomato, Fior di latte mozzarella & basil


Banoffee cake(LF)

Kinder-cheesecake (LF,GF)

Apple pie & vanilla sauce (LF)

Chocolate, marshmallow, candies & cookies


Kids 0-3 years0€ / 4-8 years 10€ / 9-13 years 18€

Mon–Tue 11–22 (21)
Wed–Thu 11–22 (22)
Fri 11–24 (23)
Sat 13–24 (23)
(Kitchen closes)
Sun Closed

Mon–Tue 11–22 (21)
Wed–Thu 11–23 (22)
Fri 11-24 (23)
Sat 13–24 (23)
Sun 10.30–22 (21)
(Kitchen closes)

Mon–Tue 11–15
Wed–Thu 11–22 (21)
Fri 11–24 (22)
Sat 13–24 (22)
Sun 11-15
(Kitchen closes)

Street Bar is open on Fri - Sat until 01.