Fat Lizard Otaniemi

That’s one FAT Sunday Brunch

Buffet tables are loaded with delicious dishes. Traditional breakfast treats like scrambled eggs and bacon, lots of fresh salads, fish and seafood and of course there’s also pizza and charcoal grilled beef. Check the menu below and see you soon in Otaniemi. 

Brunch is served every Sunday in two seatings:  
10:30 – 12:30 & 13 – 15

Table reservations is recommended, so click here.

FAT Sunday Brunch 


Let’s start with breakfast

House lemonade & fresh apple juice (VE,GF)

Organic yoghurt, honey & granola (LF)

Cold cuts (MF,GF) & cheeses (GF)

Fruits (VE)

Levain bread & foamed butter (LF)

Small Karelian pastries & egg butter  (LF)

Croissants & jam (LF)

Scrambled eggs & crispy bacon (LF,GF)

Sausages & small meatballs (MF,GF)


Fish, seafood & vegetables

Salmon Tataki: slihtly roasted and salted salmon,, spring onion, mayonnaise & sesame seeds (LF,GF)

Atlantic shrimps ‘skagen’  & horseradish (LF,GF)

Spicy cucumber salad: sesame, soay,  chili & crispy garlic (VE)

Parsa Frittata: oven baked omelette, green asparagus & fresh cheese with chives (LF,GF)

Caesar salad, croutons & parmesan (LF) (

Green lettuce & lemon vinaigrette (VE,GF)

Fried halloumi, asparagus, potato, rucola & marinated red onion (LF,GF)


 From charcoal grill & wood fired oven

Charcoal grilles Iberico pork presa  & Chimichurri-Rojo sauce (MF,GF)

Roasted Atlantic salmon  & Beurre Blanc sauce (LF,GF) 

Warm potato salad: sugar peas, red onion, tomato & spinach (LF,GF)

Pizza al Metro Pepperoni;
Pepperoni sausage, San Marzano tomato, Fior di latte mozzarella & oregano

Pizza al Metro Margherita;
San Marzano tomato, Fior di latte mozzarella & basil



Naked Strawberry Cake  (LF) 

Rhubarb pie & vanilla sauce (LF)

Lemon pannacotta & raspberries (LF,GF)

Chocolate, marshamllows, candies & cookies



Kids 0-3 yo 0€ / 4-8 yo 10€ / 9-13 yo 18€ 

Brunch is served on Sundays in two seatings: 10:30-12:30 & 13-15

For the first seating you can book a table at 10:30/10:45/11 and the seating ends at 12:30.

For the second seating you can book a table at 13/13:15/13:30 and the seating ends at 15. 

Sun-Mon Closed
Tue-Thu 16-22 (21)
Fri 16–23 (22)
Sat 13-23 (22)
(Kitchen closes)

Mon-Tue 11-22 (21)
Wed -Thu 11-23 (22)
Fri 11-24 (23)
Sat 13-24 (23)
Sun 10:30-22 (21)
(Kitchen closes)

Mon–Tue 11-15
Wed–Thu 11-22 (21)
Fri 11-23 (22)
Sat 13–23 (22)
(kitchen closes)

Sun Closed

Mon-Tue Closed
Wed-Thu 16-22 (21)
Fri 16-23 (22)
Sat 13-23 (22)
Sun 10:30-21 (20)
(Kitchen closes)